About Northwest Energy Angels

Northwest Energy Angels was the first early-stage investment group in the United States to focus exclusively on cleantech industries. Northwest Energy Angels is a Washington non-profit organization and business network that connects members with outstanding cleantech entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest. Funds are not pooled; members make their own investment decisions while sharing due diligence and the wealth of experience of a powerful network of investors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, executives, scientists, engineers, bankers and attorneys. Founded in 2006, members to date have invested more than $10 million in 39 companies.

Northwest Energy Angels are value-added investors, providing investment capital and strategic advice to help cleantech entrepreneurs succeed.  We mentor and coach entrepreneurs, serve on their boards, provide contacts and assist with team building, strategic planning and fundraising.  Our goal is to help make the companies in which we invest highly profitable for both management and investors.

Members are a mix of business leaders with extensive experience in cleantech, high-tech, finance, environmental engineering, real estate development, the utility space and other industries, present and former entrepreneurs, and others with a passion for fueling positive change in the Pacific NW economy. Many are experienced angels; some are new investors benefiting from participation in a supportive group environment. All are accredited investors.

Northwest Energy Angels reviews and screens business plans on a regular basis and selects two to three companies to make presentations during monthly member luncheon meetings. Some meetings also feature guest speakers who inform and educate us on angel investing and cleantech industry trends and issues.

We look at companies in a broad range of cleantech sectors and invest in seed, A and (rarely) B rounds. Our geographic focus is the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia and Alberta) but we look at deals from other regions, particularly the Western U.S. Although we welcome companies with "chiseled-in-stone" term sheets, we are experienced in leading both seed and A rounds.

We work closely with other angel groups in the Pacific Northwest to maximize deal flow and to syndicate deals when we need to fill out investment rounds. Northwest Energy Angels is a member of the Angel Capital Association

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