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"The clean tech space for start-ups is a unique one. Entrepreneurs draw upon much of the same sources for technology but must deploy their products and services into much different markets amongst a forest of regulatory hurdles and government incentives. The members at the Northwest Energy Angels “get” this like no other angel group and I’ve found that my membership has been a huge help for me to identify the real investment opportunities as well as the “gotchas” that most others would miss."

Bill Lemon, Senior VP
Investment Banking, Source Capital Group, Inc.

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Northwest Energy Angels Sponsorship

Northwest Energy Angels (“NWEA”) is looking for additional corporate partners to support our program. We offer benefits similar to other sponsorship opportunities, plus the advantage of repeated exposure to a focused audience of high net worth individuals and cleantech entrepreneurs. Sponsors enjoy a unique opportunity to build new relationships with members, entrepreneurs and community leaders, through regular interaction and presentations.

Northwest Energy Angels Members

NWEA members are high net worth individuals and are all accredited investors (having a minimum net worth of $1 million and/or an annual net income of at least $200,000 for the past three years). Investors join NWEA for superior access to pre-screened, high-quality cleantech investment opportunities, for expert insight on potential investments, to share time and expense in due diligence, for camaraderie with other business and community leaders and because NWEA maintains their personal privacy.

NWEA members invest in innovative and successful start-up companies, exclusively in clean technology. We empower our member-investors to help create successful cleantech companies with a powerful network of cleantech, high-tech, finance and other professionals and by providing quality deal flow, education and support. We meet six times per year to hear 3-4 pre-screened cleantech companies “pitch” us for funding. We also meet twice per year to socialize, at which gatherings our entrepreneurs briefly recap their company’s status. Several times per year, we also arrange small, member-and-sponsor-only luncheons with influential clean tech entrepreneurs, investors and politicians.

Benefits Of Becoming A Sponsor

  • NWEA sponsors have direct access to our high net worth members at meetings
  • NWEA sponsors meet the “best and brightest” cleantech entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest, an ongoing source of potential clients in a fast growing industry
  • In addition to members and entrepreneurs, NWEA sponsors gain access to our large network of powerful and experienced venture capitalists, political leaders, educators, attorneys, accountants and many other professionals engaged in diverse clean tech markets

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