EnergySavvy supports the Green Button Initiative as a "model of innovation"

Northwest Energy Angels portfolio company EnergySavvy is among the companies announcing support for the Green Button Initiative, an industry-developed, open, voluntary standard for presenting energy usage information. The below excerpt is from EnergySavvy's blog, which provides a closer look at the Green Button Initiative:

We think Green Button, as a common language for energy usage information, has the potential to foster new innovation and growth for energy efficiency companies.

Green Button is an industry-developed, open, voluntary standard for presenting energy usage information. It creates a common language for utilities to use when describing their customers’ energy usage. These utilities will be able to work with any tools that support Green Button to provide the best experience for their customers. Customers of utilities that adopt Green Button will be able to download their data with one click and find a wide variety of tools to get the most of their data and understand their energy usage better (which helps them save money and energy).

EnergySavvy believes that the Green Button Initiative is a great model for innovation. An open standard for energy usage information–facilitated by government but created by the industry–will lead to great outcomes for each of the different stakeholders in the energy industry, especially consumers. Offering positive outcomes for all stakeholders while being open and flexible means that the Green Button initiative can help drive the next wave of private market innovation and growth in energy efficiency.

EnergySavvy also earned a spot on the official "statements of support" release from the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Congratulations on all your hard work, EnergySavvy!

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