Funded companies

Northwest Energy Angels Members have invested in the following early-stage cleantech companies:

ADI Thermal Power Corp

ADI Thermal Power Corp has completed the design and assembly, and has began the testing, of the world’s most efficient Beta configuration Stirling Engine. This single-cylinder 25 kW Beta version is operating at a heater head temperature of 1,900 F, and even at half-power is delivering a fuel-to-electric efficiency which matches or exceeds all competitors.

Banyan Energy

Banyan Energy's optics sheet enables solar module manufacturers to dramatically reduce their costs and scale up production. Based on a breakthrough in waveguide optics, Banyan’s product is a flat front sheet that replaces cover glass in standard solar modules, while reducing the solar cell requirement by 5-10x. Banyan’s customers are leading solar module manufacturers. With Banyan integrated, customers can deliver the lowest cost of solar energy, while increasing the scale of module production five-fold.

BioVantage Resources, Inc.

BioVantage has developed a scalable algaeā€based wastewater treatment solution that can help wastewater facilities achieve mandated quality standards. The Company’s proprietary systems and patent pending processes provide customers with a lower cost, green alternative that more completely removes dangerous contaminants than classical approaches to lagoon aeration.

Brammo Motorsports

Brammo Motorsports was founded in 2002 with the mission to design lightweight, ultra efficient specialty vehicles for the performance car and emerging plug-in electric vehicle markets. Driven by the requirements for maximizing vehicle performance, Brammo has developed in-house expertise in vehicle design, engineering and manufacturing.

Columbia Green Technologies

Columba Green is an Eco-Technology Company whose core technologies are based in vegetative roofs and sustainable functions that help manage the quality/quantity of stormwater, energy use, and air/water pollution.

Columbia Power Technologies

Columbia Power Technologies is an emerging leader in the wave power industry. The company is commercializing a third-genertion wave energy device using novel direct-drive permanent-magnet generator technologies. The Company's design philosophy emphasizes survivability and simplicity with an ability to deliver energy at a competitive cost.

Delaware Power Systems

Delaware Power Systems is an innovative leader in supplying standardized, scalable and intelligent power battery modules to accelerate clean transportation worldwide. DPS develops, tests, produces and markets advanced power battery packs for electric and hybrid electric vehicles of all kinds.

EdTek Techologies Inc.

EDTEK has developed a patent-pending Solar Concentration System for simultaneous conversion of solar energy to both electricity and thermal heat. By uniquely combining patented parabolic dish, tracking approach and photo voltaic cell technologies, EDTEK manufactures units which produce electricity and hot water simultaneously at efficiencies far exceeding other approaches.


EMME provides easy-to-use energy management devices that help you save money and lower your home’s carbon footprint. If we can improve your comfort at the same time, so much the better.

Empower Micro Systems

Empower Micro Systems has invented and filed patents on a disruptive power inversion architecture which is immediately useful in energy storage, electric vehicles and solar electricity. This technology addresses real market pain in a $14B annual and growing power inversion industry.


enerG2 is a nanomaterials company developing products for energy storage applications. The company’s showcase products are ultra-high performance synthetic carbon materials. These engineered materials have immediate applications in electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs, ultracapacitors, or supercapacitors). Cost/performance advantages will change the nature of this highly price and performance sensitive industry. provides a software tool for utilities to manage and track energy efficiency programs so that they no longer have to outsource such programs. EnergySavvy now has 10 companies in eight states as clients, including investor-owned and public utilities that are traditionally hard to crack.

Ethical Electric

Ethical Electric is a company that sells 100% of renewable electricity to consumers and businesses as an online service.  They are not just an energy marketer, but rather a platform for change and advocacy that brings clean and responsible sourced power to homes and businesses, while also fundign new wind and solar projects.

Farm Power Northwest LLC

Farm Power organizes, funds, owns and operates anaerobic manure digester facilities for groups of dairies that could not support a project individually. They burn the methane gas to produce electricity for sale; destroying methane also creates carbon offsets, and they provide other products and services, mainly for farmers. Farm Power's first digester has been running since August 2009, its second is under construction, and a third is in permitting.  


Fledge is a “conscious company" incubator aimed at nurturing social, environmental, sustainable and health conscious entrepreneurs and taking them from idea to operating organizations.

Flux Drive Inc.

Flux Drive, Inc. is dedicated to building high quality adjustable speed drives and flexible soft-start couplings for the purpose of saving energy and improving the performance of AC motor applications. The Flux Drive technology provides more energy savings at higher torque and horsepower with less slip than other magnetic couplings. Flux Drive products reduce power required to operate at variable speed and operate with no damaging harmonic frequencies or vibration extending the life of the motor application and bearings.  

Full Circle Farm

Full Circle Farm is a fast-growing Pacific Northwest company and national leader of the good movement. Full Circle Farm provides healthy and organically grown food -- including growing more than 125 varieties of certified organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs -- to a broad base of retail and commercial customers throughout Western Washington and across Alaska.

Green Canopy Homes - G2B Ventures

Green Canopy Homes is a real estate redevelopment and consulting group actively engaged in a profitable and sustainable approach to energy efficiency. Combining deep talent and over a decade of collaboration in finance, construction, sustainability and real estate into one brain trust, the Green Canopy team creates a unique opportunity to apply a disciplined and transparent approach to residential energy efficiency.

Greenwood Clean Energy, Inc.

Recognized as the leader in renewable heating appliances, Greenwood Clean Energy's wood heating systems' patented designs improve combustion and thermal efficiency, which enables cleaner operation and delivers more energy to your home. That means less wood, fewer emissions, and a warmer home for each dollar spent on fuel.  


Hydrovolts capitalizes upon the large global opportunity of untapped energy of controlled flowing water, enabling clean electricity in places never before possible.  The company's zero-head hydrokinetic turbines offer an economical and easy way to generate reliable, local clean power in millions of locations around the world including water canals, dam tailraces, thermal cooling discharges, water and waterwater plants, rivers, and tidal channels. 

Indow Windows

Indow Windows was founded in 2010 when CEO Sam Pardue wanted to find a better way to insulate the windows in his 1906 home.  The result -- customer-manufactured sheets of acrylic glazing edged with a patent-pending Compression Tube.  The company has won numerous sustainability, energy efficiency, consumer product and clean tech awards.

Inventys Thermal Technologies Inc. 

Inventys Thermal Technologies is currently in its first stages of commercializing its patented capital efficient VeloxoTherm™ gas separation process for the energy and processes industries whereby carbon dioxide is removed from industrial flue gas streams. The recovered CO2 can then be used for enhanced oil recovery or geologically stored – mitigating its impact on climate change.

MicroEnergy Credits Corp

MicroEnergy Credits Corp (MEC) aggregates carbon offsets, so that when companies and individuals take action to stop climate change, microentrepreneurs in developing countries are to invest in clean energy as a component of their microfinance loan.

MicroGREEN Polymers, Inc.

MicroGREEN Polymers’ patented Ad-Air process reduces the density of plastics by up to 80%, decreasing the amount of raw material in packaging significantly, saving consumer goods packagers money and allowing foamed plastics to be recycled for the first time.  

New Earth Renewable Energy

New Earth Renewable Energy Inc. is a power-forward, sustainable green energy company that has developed an innovative renewable energy technology call Ecological Pyro-Torrefaction (EPT); creating two renewable fuels (a solid and a liquid) simultaneously from 100% non-food based, sustainably grown biomass. The two renewable fuels are E-Coal and E-Oil.


Novinium is a Pacific Northwest company which provides cable rejuvenation services and products to electric utilities in the United States and around the world. The primary products are novel fluids, methods, and tools to inject stranded underground cable. The injection process rejuvenates and extends the reliable life of the cable.


OndaVia is developing a microfluidics-based water-testing instrument that will allow real-time, sophisticated water analysis in the field. This portable device and associated consumables will improve response time from days to minutes, while also maintaining water monitoring accuracy by measuring analytes in parts per billion. The objective is a comprehensive instrument for the $3.6 billion world-wide industrial process water analysis market.

OneEnergy Renewables

OneEnergy Renewables is dedicated to expanding the use and availability of clean energy in the United States. A Certified B Corporation, the company develops utility-scale clean energy projects and offers 100 percent verified and tracked Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets. The expertise OneEnergy Renewables has in both areas of its business means that it is uniquely positioned to make timely and informed decisions when selecting projects to develop and RECs and offsets to sell.

Pacific Light Technologies (PLT)

Pacific Light Technologies (PLT) is a leader in optical nanomaterials development and manufacturing.  PLT is developing rare-earth-free downconverter materials for high-efficiency solid state lighting (SSL), and is the only quantum dot company focused solely on lighting.  PLT's intellectual property and technology expertise allows a new realm of high-performance materials that can stand up to the harsh environmental realities of high-power LEDs.

Propel Alternative Fuels, Inc.

Propel builds, owns and operates a growing network of clean fueling points that provide easy access to high quality clean fuels, and quantify the positive impact of fuel choices. Propel CleanDrive shows the difference customers make when choosing renewable fuels instead of petroleum.

REV Technologies, Inc

REV designs and manufactures zero-emission, state-of-the-art all-electric drive systems. The company’s fast-install technology, along with networked charging systems, give fleet operators a ready-for-market complete solution to help meet the challenge of becoming carbon neutral. REV’s solutions electrify today’s light-duty Ford fleet vehicles, transforming them into clean energy fueled, zero emissions transportation.

Ridgeline Energy

Ridgeline Energy, LLC focuses on developing utility-scale wind energy projects in the Pacific Northwest and western United States that meet customers' needs and provide significant benefits to host communities and landowners. 

Saltworks Technologies

Saltworks Technologies provides sustainable and economic solutions for desalination and brine treatment.  Their breakthrough Thermo-Ionic technology harnesses renewable heat from the sun or waste heat from industrial processes to provide energy efficient, low cost desalinated water and treat waster salt water with minimal environmental impact.

Scope 5

Scope 5's cloud based software solution allows customers to easily capture, analyze, and report on their sustainability data.  With this real-time data, Scope 5 customers can make informed decision to reduce their environmental impact and resoure consumption, as well as save time and money.

Saltworks Technologies

Saltworks Technologies provides sustainable and economic solutions for desalination and brine treatment.  Their breakthrough Thermo-Ionic technology harnesses renewable heat from the sun or waste heat from industrial processes to provide energy efficient, low cost desalinated water and treat waster salt water with minimal environmental impact.

Skyline Innovations LLC

Skyline Innovations turns commercial rooftops into revenue-generating assets by developing clean power plants and sharing the value created with building owners.  

Syncwave Energy

Syncwave Energy has developed the SyncWave Power Resonator™, a next-generation technology that makes electricity by capturing the motion differential (phase lag) between two dissimilar float structures. The phase lag is continuously maximized under varying swell frequencies via a proprietary variable inertia tuning system located inside the large oscillator float.


Virticus is a provider of automated networked control systems for outdoor lighting arrays.  The company's smart grid (Demand Response two-way) compliant system replaces existing photo sensors which only switch streetlights on or off with the sun, and lack dimming and remote control capability. Virticus has a working solution for any luminaire type, including High Pressure Sodium (HPS), LED, and Inductive.

WISErg Corporation

WISErg creates premium organic fertilizers and renewable biogas energy using a community's own compostable waste. Their process provides a number of benefits for each of their partners. Food waste producing and hauling partners benefit by realizing compostable waste reduction of 60-80%, natural gas consuming partners gain access to a renewable biogas for real-time use for co-generation, and fertilizer customers are offered a competitive, sustainable product.

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