Northwest Energy Angels members use the industry-standard, on-line Gust platform to power collaboration among themselves, and with entrepreneurs. Investors who want to apply for NWEA membership can do so through Gust.  Companies seeking funding from NWEA fill out an on-line application (including an optional video) which automatically enters the company into the NWEA screening process.  Gust then creates an on-line "deal room" for the company, available only to NWEA members (not the entrepreneurs unless they are invited). This area includes all the company's application information, documents and videos, plus:

  • a secure document vault for deal-related files
  • a private message forum for communication among NWEA members and with the entrepreneur
  • a history of actions taken regarding this opportunity
  • a list of potential investors and their level of interest
  • an area for investors to comment on, and rate, the opportunity
  • administrative controls to manage the due diligence process

Gust also provides tools to facilitate communication with and among members, to manage our membership and to schedule and communicate about events. In addition, Gust gives us the ability to syndicate investment opportunities with the Pacific Northwest’s other leading angel investment groups.

Gust account holders must be Accredited Investors and a member of a member angel group like NWEA.

Members may Log-in to Angelsoft here:  

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