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"The clean tech space for start-ups is a unique one. Entrepreneurs draw upon much of the same sources for technology but must deploy their products and services into much different markets amongst a forest of regulatory hurdles and government incentives. The members at the Northwest Energy Angels “get” this like no other angel group and I’ve found that my membership has been a huge help for me to identify the real investment opportunities as well as the “gotchas” that most others would miss."

Bill Lemon, Senior VP
Investment Banking, Source Capital Group, Inc.

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Harris Group Inc.

Turning Dreams into Reality. Millions of drill bits were sold around the world last year. Was it drill bits consumers wanted? No, they wanted holes. Every year, businesses seek the professional services of engineering firms. Is it drawings they want? Hardly; they want to be certain that the vision they hold in their minds can be turned into reality...a new facility, a new process, a new alternate fuels plant. There are myriad issues owners must consider when planning for any commercial venture - "How much will my project cost?" "Have I chosen the right technology?" "How will all the pieces of my project be successfully integrated?" Harris Group Inc. was founded over 30 years ago, and for the past 14 years, our Process Solutions business unit has been helping our customers in alternate fuels put all the components together for the successful commercialization of their projects. Our services include independent technology assessments; meaning that we are not beholding to any single process provider, constructor, equipment vendor, or financial institution. Our breadth of experience includes not just corn ethanol, biodiesel, and anaerobic digestion, but also biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals, via biological and chemical routes. Our roots are in Forest Industries...since 1975, putting us at an extreme advantage considering the future of cellulosics ...not many other engineering firms today can make that claim ... (or use that pun). Additionally, Harris Group's Energy Business Unit has expertise in the development and design of biomass fueled power generation and alternate energy projects. Collectively, with the capabilities of our Financial Consulting Unit offering specialized expertise in financial due diligence and construction monitoring, Harris Group is uniquely positioned in the marketplace; working together, integrating all the critical components of your project towards successful implementation:

  • risk assessment
  • project definition
  • process conceptualization
  • technology assessment
  • equipment selection
  • feasibility studies
  • basic and detailed engineering
  • permitting
  • inancial due diligence
  • construction monitoring
  • start-up
  • owner’s engineering and program management

Harris Group Inc.Putting all the pieces together for the successful commercialization of your alternate fuel project.

Stoel Rives LLP

With Stoel Rives' internationally renowned expertise in the clean energy and technology industries combined with our regulatory knowledge, cleantech companies look to Stoel Rives’ Cleantech Ventures Group for practical advice and a full range of appropriately targeted legal services.

Our Cleantech Ventures Group represents companies with a broad range of clean technologies:

  • clean and renewable energy technologies
  • green building
  • carbon management
  • smartgrid software
  • energy storage
  • advanced materials
  • water treatment
  • chemical processing
  • nanotechnology
  • fuel cells
  • alternative vehicles
  • wave energy

We advise clients through all phases of a cleantech technology company's life cycle—from raw idea, protection of intellectual property, through angel and venture capital financing, and then on to project development, project finance, sale or public offering. We guide cleantech companies through the industry specific governmental policies, regulatory and compliance demands and opportunities that are changing day-to-day and can challenge management.

Investors, bankers, securities underwriters and other parties involved in the financing of cleantech businesses turn to Stoel Rives. Our strong connections to the financial community and our reputation for clean energy and technology expertise enable us to help our clients find productive relationships.

Some of our clients' representative technologies include:

  • Chemical alteration of the properties of forestry products for more durable products
  • Electric car plug-in stations
  • Recycled waste products to create energy efficient alternatives to traditional building materials
  • Wastewater treatment ionic exchange technology in the coalbed methane extraction application
  • Cellulose to ethanol strong acid hydrolysis technology
  • Floating wind turbine bases in deep water to create offshore wind energy
  • Algae for biofuels, animal feed and nutraceuticals
  • Algae for remediation and carbon sequestration
  • Acceleration of plant maturity to increase production of medicines and nutraceuticals
  • Plastics to biofuel technology
  • Green building technologies that reduce cement usage and carbon footprint in vertical and horizontal applications

Yaletown Venture Partners

Like the entrepreneurs we back, we too are entrepreneurs. Together, we build and finance great companies.

At Yaletown Venture Partners, we enter all of our deals at an early-stage and help entrepreneurs develop and finance those businesses from start to finish.

Yaletown invests in cleantech deals in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Our cleantech interests include renewables, transportation systems, biomass energy, and energy efficiency - four key Cleantech sub-sectors with strong presence throughout the Pacific Northwest and exceptional global market potential. We also invest in Information Technology deals in Western Canada. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Yaletown is backed by leading institutional and private investors in Canada and the United States, and by a network of successful technology entrepreneurs, executives, and angel investors.

Yaletown leverages an extensive on-the-ground network to seek out the most promising cleantech and IT investment opportunities in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.

We make it a priority to partner with like minded venture funds and proven technology angels to bring capital, resources, and strategic competitive advantages to every company we back.

We have partnered with many quality venture capital fund partners in the United States, Canada, and from overseas to back high potential entrepreneurial teams here in our region.

We have partnered in deals and with more than 40 angel investors who have impressive track records of building value in technology companies as entrepreneurs, executives, and innovators. We value the wealth of experience these individual investors bring to the table as partners.

In our team you will discover a wide spectrum of skills, an extensive network of contacts, and deep individual commitment channelled into a team effort. Yaletown’s four co-founding General Partners bring together more than 80 years experience building and financing emerging technology companies and an extensive network of relationships with entrepreneurs, industry executives, and investment professionals.

Every day we apply our collective experience, relationships, and plain old hard work to identify and collaborate on opportunities that matter, and to bring resources, perspective, and capital to help develop start-ups into market leaders.

Approachable, straightforward, and committed business partners. Ask around. Then give us a call.


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